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Achewood Hardcover Volume 2 Worst Song Played

USD $ 15.95

Riding high on the success of The Great Outdoor Fight, Achewood and Dark Horse Comics have compiled an extensively annotated collection of the first few years' worth of Achewood comics. This is no mere companion volume to the cult-classic online strip: the entire prehistory of Achewood is set forth for the first time, and all of the celebrated alt-texts are included. Additionally, author Chris Onstad has literally littered the book with observations and rudities. Time magazine named back-to-back Ignatz Award-winner Achewood its 2007 Graphic Novel of the Year, and legions of devoted fans consistently report that it makes them feel the way Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes did when they were young.

o Achewood was Time magazine's #1 Graphic Novel of 2007 when it was online only!

o Achewood won the 2007 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic.

o "Achewood makes me laugh-in that confused, 'what the hell was that??' kind of way." -Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics).