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Autobiographix Graphic Novel

USD $ 14.95

FRANK MILLER/MATT WAGNER/WILL EISNER/LINDA MEDLEY/SERGIO ARAGONÉS/STAN SAKAI/PAUL CHADWICK/WILLIAM STOUT, and others Dedicated readers have long known that the medium of comics and graphic novels isn't all about caped superheroes and spandex-clad bad girls. In fact, the combination of words and pictures can be the perfect vehicle for telling all kinds of stories, from poignant memoirs to lighter takes on the mundane musings of modern life. This collection of short stories illustrates, quite literally, the effectiveness of the medium for telling the most personal of stories - the autobiography - and does so by showcasing some of the first published autobiographical stories from living-legend artists, mainstream greats, and young 'indie' up-and-comers..