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Bedtime Stories Impressionable Children Annual #1 Cover B

USD $ 4.99

From J.C. Vaughn, the creator of Vampire, PA, it's the comic that COVID-19 couldn't kill! Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children #2 as in the pipeline when the lockdown hit. Now it's not only back, but it's returned at twice the size - 48 pages, no ads - and with a title befitting its new format! Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children King Size Special Giant Annual #1 features 'All of My Ex-Boyfriends Are Monsters! Really!' by Andrew Sands & Joanna Estep, 'Renee' by Mark Ricketts & Micah Clark Farritor, 'Pua' by Art Holcomb & Ed Catto, 'Preserved!' by J.C. Vaughn, Brendon Fraim & Brian Fraim, and 'Toothpick Warriors' by J.C. Vaughn & Mark Wheatley. Join us for these wildly inappropriate tales for kids!.